Sonam believes that writers are the true rock star of a film

NC Network, Mumbai

Sonam Kapoor believes that good literature is the backbone of films and writers should be paid properly and also on time. Sonam claims herself as a person who grew up with  a love for the writeen words. 

Sonam's movie 'Aisha' is a work on the famous novel penned down by Jane Austen"Emma" and also being the brand ambassador for Jio MAMI festival's 'Word to Screen' initiative, she is always open to good book adaptations. 

Sonam commented the 'Word to Screen' initiative can be a great platform for those looking for good content.

"Hopefully, we can make content the king. Writers are the rock stars. Technicians in general are not given their due credit because when you are behind the scenes, you are less in the public eye. Writers are the backbone of any film and they should be given more due," she added. 

Sonam along with her sister Rhea have purchased the rights of two boks- "Battle for Bittora" and "Govinda. 

"Both are amazing books. 'Govinda' is a fictionised version where Krishna is being superhero. We have not thought about how to get this ahead. 'Battle for Bittora', we got the rights three years ago. It will happen next year. I don't know if I will be a part of it or not as an actor, hopefully. It depends on how it is written, " she said. 

Sonam feels that adaptating books on screen increase the scope to interpret and imagine as there is a familiarity with the characters. 

 Sonam added, "I feel sad that younger generation of people do not read many books. We are trying to promote the fact that through books, we get amazing films. Film adaptation is an important market for the industry." 

When Sonam was a kid she wanted to become a librarian as it was the best way to surround herself with books 24*7

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