Rahul is ignorant about India, so cannot understand Sangh: RSS

NC Network, New Delhi

Hitting out at Rahul Gandhi for his statement on  comparing the RSS to Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood, the Sangh today said that the Congress chief cannot understand the saffron outfit as he does not know India.

Rahul Gandhi was quoted saying last week at the International Institute of Strategic Studies(IISS)London,that  RSS has similar idea of brotherhood as to that of arab world.He further said that RSS is trying to change the nature of india and is also capturing it’s institution.

In Response  to his charges, the (RSS) Publicity in-Charge Arun Kumar said Gandhi is unaware about the "concept brotherhood." While responding to the charges regarding this Kumar said "The entire world today is facing the threat of Islamic fundamentalism. He is unaware... he does not understand the gravity of the situation that's why he is making such statements," Pointing to the Congress president's old statement that he is trying to understand India, the Sangh leader said, "One who doesn't understand India can never  understand the Sangh." 

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