MCU's orientation programme commences guidance from media veterans

NC Correspondent, Bhopal 

The two day orientation programme of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication commenced on Tuesday at Samanvay Bhavan. The programme took off with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony and a devotional song sung by the students of the varsity. 

The inaugural session of the event saw veteran journalist Mahesh Shrivastava as the chief guest while the session was chaired by Vice Chancellor (VC) of MCU Jagdish Upasane. Rahul Mahajan, Editor Rajya Sabha was the key speaker of the session. 

Enlightening the new batch of students with the do's and the dont's of journalism Mahajan said, "You have to be a true journalist and there is no need of a revolution. Today, journalists are giving opinions and creating a point of view for their viewers and listeners. We need to understand the basics of journalism and maintain the purity of  this profession." 

Addressing the students he also added that, "This Nobel profession needs to be kept clean and only then journalism will truly exist."  He advised the students to choose their own path. 

This interaction was followed by the speech of the chief guest Mahesh Shrivastava. Recalling the days when he served as an active journalist Shrivastava said, "In those days people opted journalism to serve the country. it was considered as a religion and had the power to motivate the people to work hard." 

Directing the audience towards better journalism he said, "A journalist is a student forever by being a teacher. His education is never complete he gets educated on daily basis. Journalism is not limited to getting a degree, job and then receiving pension it continues forever. We should be parallel towards nation, society, and culture." 

Adding further he said, "Why are we a journalist, what is our duty and what is our goal? The day we will learn it we will become a true journalist. Truth & Struggle is the soul of Indian Journalism.We should learn about technicalities from western journalism. We should stay away from proud and we should consider a human a human. We should be unbiased to become a fruitful journalist. Journalism plays the role of opposition but should never compromise with the development of the nation and society. Both positives and negatives should be highlighted." 

The first session concluded with a thanks giving to the guests and speakers. 

The key speaker of the second session of the programme was Saeed Ansari, anchor, Aajtak. He interacted with students on the topic “Challenges in anchoring in media”.
Addressing them he said, "Patriotism is journalism.If one can love his country , only then can he do journalism. The biggest challenge is to do correct use of technology today. He said if you are honest you are a journalist. If you can forget your pain and live for others it is a journalism in true sense. If you are honest you will have confidence for your work."  

Speaking on the mantra of success he said, "Self-confidence is the key to success.One can be successful if he has confidence.One should be aware of his surroundings, and, current happening. One should be technically advanced and should be all -rounder.There is no shortcut to success."

"To become a good anchor one should be bilingual and should  have correct pronunciations of words.To become a good journalist, one should have curiosity to know,and, also try to help others.

Summing up the session he said, "If we become generous for others,will help others , and will feel others pain , that day one can become journalist in true sense."

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