I respect people not by their age but through their experiences: Dr. Gyan Chaturvedi

NC Correspondent Bhopal

The concluding day of the two orientation programme of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication saw Padmashree Awardee  Dr. Gyan Chaturvedi sharing his thoughts on the Topic "Creative writing"on Wednesday at Samavay Bhavan.

A medical doctor by profession Dr. Shukla also shared his experience in the field of writing. Addressing the students he said , "Media is called as the fourth pillar of democracy, but this should never feel that it is the only one holding this building."

He called the students as the base of tht pillar. "The country is working through democracy. Everyone is guiding the youth and the youth is getting confused.  We are living in a virtual world and as journalists we have to be a part of the real world," he said.
He shared his real life experiences to inspire the students. His also mentioned that his inspirations are Rajendra Mathur, Harishankar parsai, Ravish Kumar, Kushwant Singh, Brijesh Rajput and many others who views their life with a 360° angle.

Story, novel, poems, script etc. are a part of creative writing. There are writers who create bio data and then there are those writers whose bio data is created, he said.

"Writing is not an image its a live image. Either you grab a topic and you write or you hold a topic and write. When you grab it you kill it and when you hold it you write it nicely," Chaturvedi said.
He said "I respect people not by their age but through their experiences. If we want to write about something then we should first feel, live or experience it. We should try to feel the emotions of our characters and that is really very important." All his characters were connected to his life or he have experienced them.

Enlightening the audience about what to choose he said, "You have to choose your priorities and I was a very good doctor. I got many offers but I choose my priorities and then decided to become a writer."
"You are creative when you are devoted the day you become conditioned your creativity will die. The day you will get attracted towards awards and honours and not towards good writing your creativity will die," he said.

He also added that language should be beautiful and clear. Language only conveys your thought it is your choice which type of language you choose. Write in the language of your comfort.  
To satisfy their curiosity audience also asked their doubts which the speaker cleared in an easy maaner.

The session was conducted by Dr. Shrikant Singh.

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