A tale of dancing on pieces of glass and swords

Anagha Telang

Her moves and rhythm makes the audience watch her with wonder. Be it pieces of glass or swords, this six year old dancer Heer Sisodiya has left the audience spell bound with her grace. Following the directions of her teacher, "You've got to dance like there's nobody watching..." she dances confidently on the stage and don’t care about the world. Heer is a student of the famous dancer Pandit Shakuntla Pawar, who herself has setup a milestone in the field of Indian classical dance along with Rajasthani Folk dances has set up "Shakuntalam Dance Academy" in Udaipur where she trains and build the future of Indian Dance.

In a candid conversation with Newscrust, Heer and her Guru Pandit Shakuntala Pawar shared the hard work and dedication of this cute-little passionate dancer.

  • Since when Heer is dancing, and what all are the dance type which she learns?

Heer is my student since 1.5 years. She is a Kathak dancer and also learns semi-classical, Rajsthani Folk dances such as- Bawai, Kalbaliya, Aagchai.  She practices daily for 2 hours.

  • How is Heer as a student?

Here in my academy I have many students but Heer is a gifted child. She is a dedicated and confident student who learns and grasps things quickly and is always eager to learn. She is confident in all the forms of dance which I teach her. Also she is the youngest one in my Academy.

  • How many stage performances she has given and what all are the Awards and honors which she has received?

Heer has perfomed at local level and also in other cities such as Bhilwada and Chittod. Her biggest performance was in Bhopal under Abhinav Kala Parishad. Her biggest felicitation was also by Abhinav Kala Parishad in Bhopal.

  • Heer are you able to manage both dance and school together?

Yes I am able manage both the things together easily. Write now I am in class I and my school is ‘The Junior Study’, Udaipur.

  • Which Dance interest you more?

I like all the dance types but classical is my favorite.

  • Apart from dancing what are your other interests?

I like drawing and studying apart from dancing.

  • Don’t you get scared when you dance on sharp swords, fragile glass bottles or pointed glass pieces?

Initially I was a little skeptical but with practice I gained confidence and now this is my forte.
  • What do you want to become in life?
I am living my dream of becoming a Dancer.

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