FSSAI orders to delist all the unlicenced food platforms

Kriti Billore

On Friday, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India 

 has ordered many of the online food delivery start-up companies like Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats to delist all the unlicenced restaurants from their platforms. The regulator has decided this after the complaints of the sub-standard food being delivered and served.

"Following a series of complaints related to sub-standard food being supplied by food businesses listed on e-commerce food service platforms, FSSAI has directed 10 such platforms to debar the non-FSSAI licensed/registered food operators and ensure compliance of food safety rules and regulations," the regulator said in a statement.

The FSSAI order directs all the major startup companies such as, Box8, Faasos, FoodCloud, Foodmingo, Foodpanda, Jusfood, LimeTray, Swiggy, Zamato and UberEats.

As per the guidelines of Food business operators, which convened guidelines in February this year, the listed platforms have to show their licence numbers. Also it’s made compulsory in an agreement to follow safety and standard of the food.

FSSAI has also ordered e-commerce platforms to make their FSSAI licence, an agreement signed with FBO and their internal checks to confirm it that their FBOs have valid licences.

Now this is a very good step for a quality food for the consumers, the regulator sad that e-commerce companies needs to work harder and provide high standard food and ensure the compliance of the regulations on food safety and standard.

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