"Will tune up to dancing and also continue teaching": Dancing Uncle

Anagha Telang

Striking the web with his right moves and flawless dance, India’s new dancing sensation Sanjeev Shrivastav or ‘Dancing Uncle’ is now ruling the web celebrating overnight stardom. 

His dance video during the wedding of his brother-in-law that went viral, opened new doors of being an ‘entertainment jiggle’ on the world web for this engineering college professor.

Hailing from Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh, Shrivastav is a professor in the Bhabha Engineering Research Institute, Bhopal. He is seen dancing in a wedding on the song ‘Aap ke aa jaane se’ from the 1987 released film ‘Khudgarz’ starring Govinda and Neelam Kothari. The lady dancing beside him is his wife Anjali Shrivastav.

He is dancing since 1982 and is inspired from his mother Mohini Devi Shriavstav who has been a classical dancer. Shrivastav has bagged Madhya Pradesh best dancer award three times during the eighties without any formal training, winning hearts and claps from the audience.

In a tete-a-tete with Newscrust, he opens up about his passion for dance and his plans for the future.

Q. We congratulate you for the success. How has your life changed after being an internet sensation overnight?
Ans: Thank you so much for your wishes. I am still not able to understand if all this is real. I am still not able to figure out how my life changed so drastically in just a blink of an eye. I owe this to all my well wishers who liked my dancing so much. Things are becoming very hard for me to mange and I need time to get accustomed to this change.

2. How many celebrities have you met and have you received any offers to act or perform your talent on TV shows?
Ans: I met Sunil Shetty, Govinda, Salman Khan and had a telephonic conversation with Neelam Kothari after the video went viral. Yes, I have received many offers from different shows and channels but yet not accepted any of them apart from Dus Ka Dum.

3. You have been appointed as the brand ambassador of Vidisha Municipal Corporation and it’s a huge responsibility. How do you plan to work on this?
Ans: I would really like to thank Vidisha Municipal Corporation for believing in me. Definitely it’s a huge responsibility and I would try to fulfill it in the best possible manner. For this I have to sit and plan things accordingly, but one of my targets would be working towards technological advancement in the district.

4. Are your kids also interested in dancing like you?
Ans: yes they are but there interest is mainly inclined towards cricket.

5. How has your family taken this overnight success of yours?
Ans:  My family is really supportive and they are really happy for me. They are helping me in every manner possible and are making sure that I am not burdened with all the responsibilities.

6. How did your students react?
Ans: My students are also happy and excited for me. I used to dance earlier in cultural events of my college and they used to encourage me a lot for that. Now after this video has gone viral they are very happy and are celebrating my success.

7. Has any of the political party approached you to campaign for them yet?
Ans: No. No political party or leader has approached me. Yes, I have received many felicitations and awards but none of them have a political connection.

8. So would you like to switch from teaching profession to the entertainment sector?
Ans: I have been dancing since 32 years but my dance received love and recognition only a few days ago. I love teaching and dancing both, and if I would be able to manage both, I enjoy continue with both of them.

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