President Inaugurates National Highway from Matabari to Sabroom

NC network, New Delhi
The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated the National Highway from Matabari to Sabroom in Udaipur, Tripura on Friday.
Speaking on the occasion, the President said a state such as Tripura can progress with a combination of its human talent and infrastructure advance. Development of the Northeast is high on the Government of India’s list of priorities. Road projects covering a length of 5,200 km are being constructed in the region to enhance connectivity. The Bharatmala project too is giving special attention to the Northeast. As part of these programmes, 500 km of roads are being constructed in Tripura. He expressed confidence that Tripura will develop rapidly after the completion of these projects.
The President noted that there is immense potential for tourism in Tripura and this too will be helped by connectivity projects. The state’s natural beauty, lush green forests and cultural heritage is a draw for domestic and international tourists. Better rail and road connectivity will increase tourism and ancillary economic activity in the state. The President also visited the Matabari Temple complex in Udaipur and laid the foundation stone for its re-development and augmentation as a centre for religious tourism.

In the evening, the President attended a civic reception hosted in his honour by the State Government. At the reception in Agartala, he formally declared the “Queen Pineapple” as the state fruit of Tripura.
Addressing the gathering, the President said that only a few days ago, the first consignment of the Queen Pineapple had been exported to West Asia. He said this was an important step in linking Tripura and the Northeast region with global trade. He expressed hope that pineapples from Tripura will reach markets across the country and abroad, especially in neighbouring countries.
The President emphasised that the Northeast and Tripura have a pivotal place in India’s Act East Policy. This will help enhance business with ASEAN countries and serve to realise Tripura’s economic potential.
The President said that Tripura has abundant forest resources. The conservation and sustainable use of forests, as well as providing assistance to tribal communities that are dependent on forests for their livelihood, is extremely important. The people of Tripura present a model for the country as to the harmonious balance between human livelihood needs and natural heritage.

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