Life of rumi decorated by sufi romantism through nazmas and love

NC Network, Bhopal

Rumi new play 'Vihan Drama Works' new play 'Rumi' which is active in theater, will be staged in the auditorium of Rabindra Bhavan on 7th June at 7.00 pm. Based on the famous journalist-writer Rajkumar Keswani's book 'Jahan Rumi', this play is a musical scene transformation of Rumi's life philosophy and ideas.

In this nearly one and a half-hour presentation, 10 songs have been thrown into the story in the music direction of Hemant Devlekar. In particular, young actress Shweta Ketkar will be playing Rumi's character. Rumi's guru Shams Tabrezi's character will be played by Anagram Paro.

The 12th Century Sufi based story of the real life realization of Jalaaluddin Rumi's life is the story of his thoughts. This play of musical influences, scenes, views and acting of Iran and Turkey is of Sufiana love between Rumi and Shams Tabrez. Rumi, the advocate of love and Sufi philosophy, speaks of meeting in a field beyond 'truth and falsehood'.

Rumi's estimate is filled with the philosophy of love. The person you are searching for is searching for you - the romanticity of Rumi, who says, Sufiyana is the desire to dissolve in health and God. The sound that came from the land of countries such as Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Syria is still full of light after 800 years.

This play is woven in song-music-poem-ideas and will be presented by around 15 artists of the live music team, 10 out of the stage and 10 actors on the stage. In cooperation with the Directorate of Culture, the play will be presented on the first evening of 'Dahih-5', two days' function of the play Vihan and the Pratibhaalaya Art Academy.

ther roles include Nivedita Soni, Shubham Katiyar, Akash Akhare, Isha Goswami, Rasika Kadu, Krishna Patel In the music team, Tejaswita Anant, Navin Sharma, Vishwas Chauhan, Diamond Dhurve, Raghav Sawgungi, Ekta Goswami, Shubham Parashar will be there. Sudip Sohni has compiled the reference material of Rumi and directed by the various sources.

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