A perfect place to chill out and party with beautiful ambience, good music and yummy food is hard to find these days.  Youth in the present time run away from crowded parks and malls because they want a peaceful place where they can hangout and relax.

Situated in the heart of Bhopal is ‘SUKOON CAFÉ’ which tries to match the requirements and need of the youth these days and provide a completely new and different kind of service to its customers.

How it started?

Sukoon Café started in December, 2016. It is a joint initiative of Mr. Dileep Dhakad, Mr. GajendraThakur and Mr. Amit Yadav.

The trio who started Sukoon Cafe. 

The trio has a keen interest in the field of hospitability and food. They combined their hobby of cooking and decided to make this passion their profession and Sukoon was born.

The main idea behind starting Sukoon Café is hidden in its name. This means that the trio wanted people to relax and chill and that is the kind of service which is provided here.

“It took almost 7-8 months to build this place. We have designed the interiors on our own. We got inspired from the café culture of Indore and wanted to create a place for small parties and get together.   We wanted Bhopal to have a place without hookah and liquor and make a semi-pub for people."

 Why Sukoon Café: 

·It is in the list of those very few cafes of Bhopal which don’t sell Hookah or Liquor and also smoking is not allowed

· Sukoon Café is mainly designed for small get together and parties and thus have seating arrangement of that style which serves groups and not couples

·Their main priority is good and tasty food for the customers

· They also provide snooker table and Chess board to the customers

·It also has a small library for the customers

·Fish spa is another unique service provided by the café

·Live music and Dj is also a major aspect of the café

·Open mics are organized every weekend to encourage new talent in the field of music and literature


Yogita Yadav
“‘SUKOON’ is the best café I found in Bhopal with maximum services at minimum prices. As the name gives us the idea it’s a pleasant place to chill with friends. I love being at this place with my group as it serves the best combination of music, masti and relaxing ambience to its customers.”

Arun Pratap Singh
“I feel relaxed whenever I come to this place. It has the best of everything under one roof. Food, music, games and company of your friends what else is needed to make your day a happy one. Sukoon Café is a place where I visit regularly and most of our get together  takes place over here. One of the best things about this place is that it is pocket friendly.

Aditi Saraswat

“There is something magical about this place. Sukoon Café is my happy place and I have lot of wonderful memories from here. Food and music is something which I envy and Sukoon satisfy that need. Open mics organized by this place is another feature which always attracts me and I end up spending most of my Sunday evenings at this café.”

Sukoon is a place which is completely against the popular ‘Hookah Culture’ amongst youth. The owners wanted to create a place simply dedicated to good food and music and succeeded in that direction. They are planning for further expansion and development and want that Bhopal should have more such places.

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