A musical journey of a father-son 'duo'

Anagha Telang, Bhopal
Talent runs in blood and when it comes to the art of music the legacy is always carried forward from one generation to the other. 
Taking forward the legacy and setting an example in the field of music is the father-son duo of Mahesh and Amit Malik who excel in the art of playing Violin. 

Mahesh Malik 

Born in Jhonkar village of Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh to music maestro Manohar Lal Malik Mahesh Malik is a born violin player. He has made this foreign instrument completely Indian. He has mastered all the technicalities of the instrument from 'Aalap' to 'Gamak' and from 'Meed' to 'Bol-Taan'. Through his wonderful talent he has given many national and international concerts. At a very young age he was honoured with the title of 'Surmani'.

"I am inspired by my father Manohar Lal Malik and he is the one who introduced me to this majestic instrument. I also learnt music from Late Abaddul Gafur Khan and Abaddul Latif Khan the famous musicians of 'Mewat Gharana'," Mahesh says. 

He was lucky to learn music from Happu Khan. He continued his love and dedication towards music through regular practice and concerts.

Mahesh also won the AIR national level music competition in 1991. He is an 'A' grade certified performer of Akashwani. Along with all these he has got the opportunity to perform at Aakashwani-Pune, Haridas Sangeet Sammelan-Mumbai, Nehru Center-Mumbai, India Habitat Center- Delhi, Tansen Smaroh-Gwalior, Allaudin Kha Sangeet Academy- Bhopal. Currently he is serving as violin player in the music department of Aakashwni center, Bhopal. 

Amit Malik
Continuing the legacy in the third generation Amit Malik is walking on the path set by his grand father and father. Born on 28 March,1995 in the city of Bhopal he is blessed by the talent of his grand father Manohar Lal Malik. Along with music Amit is perusing Engineering in Automobile. He has learnt violin from his father Mahesh Malik and also belongs to 'Mewat Gharana'. 

"I am very inspired by my father and grand father to play Violin. This instrument inspires me and tune of the strings are like a life-line for me,"  Amit says.

Amit has won the all India level music competition organised by Aakashwani in the year 2017. He has also won scholarship given by the cultural department of the Indian Government. He has given perfomance at Bhaarat Bhawan, Tribal Museum, and also at many other places and events.

Music is like the brightest star shining in the darkest night and this father-son duo has appeared like a comet in the galaxy of music. There dedication and hard work has pushed them to win awards and laurels. They are working with great passion in order to carry forwad the musical legacy of the family.

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