Youth assaults Ex-Army man, daughter raises voice


We live in a tolerant country where people are considered free to express themselves and raise their voices, but what if our expressions cause damage to or harm others? What if before expressing ourselves and before raising our voices we don’t realize that it is actually our fault? And what if our method of expression is morally and ethically wrong?

Setting it straight and taking the right move, a daughter stood firm against the misbehavior of a young boy, against her parents in Nagpur. Taking this incident on social media and raising concerns over the security and state of the elderly in our country, Asawari Mujumdar Khanzode has set a cliché in standing for one’s moral responsibility.

The incident…
An incidence at Nagpur, Maharashtra on 25 May, 18 left the entire city in shock and made people question the behavior of youth towards the elderly raising concern over their safety on roads. Two senior citizens, an ex-army officer along with his wife who is a retired school Principal were driving to an event where students selected for NDA were to be felicitated for their achievements.

The couple was driving slowly to their destination when a boy in his early twenties who was on his two-wheeler (MH 31 CT 2679) riding on the wrong side of the road in full speed dashed their car. The army officer out of courtesy got out of the car to check if the boy is all right. The boy without giving any second thought started arguing with the retired officer and his language slowly changed into an abusive one. When the officer also lost his temper and objected to the boy’s verbal abuse, the boy took out his helmet and slammed it into the windscreen of the car out of anger. The lady who was sitting inside the car suffers from arthritis and needs assistance even to perform her basic daily chores. 

The lady felt really helpless and what she could do was only shout. She was lucky that the glass pieces did not cause any serious injuries to her accept few minor cuts.

After the incident this boy left the spot leaving this couple in the state of shock and trauma. After the boy left, a police constable reached the scene on his bike and heard and handled the situation in a very casual manner. When the couple went to the police station to file a complaint the police looked least interested and in place of an FIR a non-cognizant complaint stating the incidence as “minor collision” was registered,   despite the boy caused damage to their property and assaulted the old couple physically and verbally.

The psychological perspective….

 There are mainly 2 reasons for this kind of outrage of the youth.

1. Biological reason: During such incidences hormones get activated and it develops a sense of anger and outrage in the youth and therefore they react in negative manner.

2. Psychological reason: today the youth has lost contact with the senior citizens. Earlier teenagers and youth had an emotional connect with their grandparents and felt a connection with them. In the present scenario the nuclear family culture has made the youth insensitive towards the senior citizens. Moral values and ethics are now only confined to books and exam papers, and not at all applicable in real life. 

Youth debates…

At present, young people have forgotten their values and they have started living in their own arrogance. Nowadays young people neither honor the elderly nor follow their sayings. This type of incidence which happened with the elderly couple by the spoiled young man hurts our culture and the upbringing of our parents and raises the question that when young people are not honoring their elders, then will our future generations respect us?

This incident shows how people are lacking humanity, especially youths. I myself being a youth know how we are always in a hurry to do things, still we need to stop and look around the things that are happening in our surrounding. Elderly people are the one who need lot of care and attention in this society and it should be young people's duty to look after them. We young people should know how to talk with senior citizens because one day we too have to face the same phase in our life.

It's a shameful incidence that has taken place. We have gradually become inhumane. Showing such disrespect towards senior citizens is utterly disgusting. As the youth of this country I think it is our responsibility to make sure such incidences don't happen anymore. We spend so much of our time on social media, and a bit of this time should be used to spread awareness about such incidences and road safety in general.

Youth today has become really insensitive and has lost their morals, values and ethics. Anger and outrage are unjustified in your behavior even with no fault of yours.

These types of incidences also raise questions on the security of senior citizens whose children cannot stay with them. When in trouble or in case of any emergency whom shall they rely on for help?  

The ignorant and informal behavior of the police and the officers in charge tell us where we, as a country stand today.

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