Gatimaan Express exptended upto Bundelkhand

Network, New Delhi 
India’s fastest train Gatimaan Express has been extended up to Bundelkhand Region w.e.f 1st April, 2018. It has been notified that the Train no 12049/50 Nizammuddin-Agra Cantt Gatimaan Exp. has been extended upto Gwalior/Jhansi for facilitating passengers. The extension of this prestigious premium train will facilitate movement of tourists to various tourist attractions in and around Gwalior and Jhansi of Bundelkhand region. It will boost the tourism in the region.

The train will run six days a week as per the below given time table except on Fridays. 

Details of the train upto Jhansi: 

Train No. – 12050
Gatiman Express
Train No. 12049
Gwalior to Nizamuddin
Gatimaan Express
Departure – 08.10
Arrival – 19.30
09.50 to 09.55
Agra Cantt
17.45 to 17.50
Arrival 12.35
Departure 15.05

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