Reviving three eras of Bollywood on stage...

Rahul Chouksey

We all still hymn to the tunes of ‘Pyaar Hua ikrar Hua hai’ cherishing the purity of onscreen Raj Kapoor-Nargis romance in the black and white era. Then came the pepped up Eastman era, where Rishi and Nitu Kapoor created quite a stir with their romantic number ‘Ek mein aur ek tu’.  The generation of the 90’s created a sensation and gave a new definition of love – ‘friendship’ with Rahul and Anjali.
In the year 1997, there came a film ‘Dil to Pagal Hai’ by Yash Chopra which gave a glimpse of theatre on the big screen. They all ruled the silver screen, each creating an impact on the audience in their own unique way.
But, have you considered watching these three Bollywood eras being staged together? Yes. Be witness to the one of its kind Bollywood musical ‘Kahana Filmy Hai...’ staging the three golden eras of Indian cinema on stage. Being the first to host this kind of dance drama, the show will be held on April 8, 2018 at Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natya Gruha, Thane, Maharashtra from 12 noon, celebrating 10 glorious years of this dance musical. The show will witness nearly 40 dancers on stage.

Shreyas Desai 
Choreographed and conceptualized by the alumni of KET VG Vaze Kelkar College, this show was conceived as a college annual function drama in the year 2007. “This show was initially named as Teen Kahaniyan. It all began when we were planning the annual function of the college way back in 2007. After the show was successful in the college, we decided to stage it professionally. There were series of discussions and we came up with Kahana Filmy Hai...The first professional show of Kahana filmy was staged in 2008 at Mahakavi Kalidas auditorium,” Shreyas Desai and Pranali Nimbkar, founder of Myraid Arts said. Shreyas Desai, is also one of the lead choreographers of the show. 

Kahana Filmy Hai...
Bringing for the first time the three eras of Indian Cinema live on stage, the group aims to provide a complete entertainment to the art lovers of the city.
Sayali Indulkar 
“One can find the innocence of black and white era’s love. The sensuous cabaret of the Eastman era, the dawn of the angry young man and the drumming and dance numbers of RD Burman. It has the jolly heroine of the colour who falls in love with the hero and there comes a twist, but later like a typical Karan Johar movie things fall in place. All emotions from love to revenge, lust, separation and eventually everyone loves happily ever after,” says Sayali Indulkar, Director of Kahana Filmy Hai and founder of Myraid Arts.

The show has received tremendous positive reviews from the audience as well as the critics over these years. “We have performed this a number of times, but this is special as we are completing 10 years of this show. The show is a complete entertainment package where you watch three movies in three hours in all three eras,”  lead choreographers Ritesh Jadhav and  Pratima Datar Tambat says.

About Myriad Arts:   
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We strive to provide multiple artistic endeavours such as ink art, precious moment capturing photography, upbeat performances, enthusiastic event management, celebrity management, stage performances and much more under one banner to create unique experiences.

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