Two pilots killed in a crash in Assam

NC Network, New Delhi
A microlight aircraft crashed in Assam’s Majauli region on Thursday killing two Air Force Pilots - Wing Commander Officers.

 The two officers were identified as Wing Commander Jai Paul and Wing Commander D Wats, Tezpur base defense spokesperson Lt. Colonel Harshvardhan Pande said.

The fatal accident took place minutes after the pilots took off from Jorhat’s airport in the noon, which is also known as Rworiah airport. The location of the crash is known to be about 20 kms away at Majauli Island, world’s biggest river islands.

The reason for the crash is considered as technical fault, sources said. The two-seater flight is one of the many small planes that the Indian Air force maintains.

According to sources, the pilots attempted an emergency landing, but the aircraft crashed near Darbar Chapori , a sand bar in the Brahmaputra at the northern part of he Majuli district and went up in flames.

The locals in the sparsely populated district told authorities that they had seen the aircraft crash and get in flames. 

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