Mahavastu : Tips for a better living

Are you going through mental stress? Are you facing financial instability? Even at home your mind keeps racing and you face restlessness?  If yes, the only solution to all these problems is implementation of Mahavastu remedies in your lovely nest.
Mahavastu – an introduction  
Mahavastu is an upgraded, more scientific and tested version of Vastu Shastra, the Indian Architecture Science which came into being 12,000 years ago. “Mahavastu is all about having a rational understanding that helps us maintain equilibrium with nature. It is more scientific in nature. In Mahavastu, we do not ask you to change or dispose your surroundings or the valuables or things around you, but we provide a solution without demolition,” Acharya Ashutosh said.
Origin of Mahavastu: 
“Like I said earlier, Mahavasu is an upgraded and more scientific version of Vastu Shastra, which came into being nearly 12,000 years ago. However, the conditions, lifestyle and thinking over the years have changed.” 
“If we go back in History, different versions of Vastu Shastra were penned by the rulers. We believe that the rulers did not wish that their subjects should flourish and equal hem in wealth and health. In history there have been instances where common man has been misguided by the writers of Vastu Shastra, which though did not harm them, but somewhere restricted their growth,” he added.
The equations of the palace remain way different from that mentioned in their writings and also from the house of the common man. These things made us rethink on this subject after studying a number of cases, he said.
How does Mahavastu work? 
“Mahavastu believes that for every genre of work, there is a dedicated space and direction. We have the south west zone for skills, north for money and opportunities, food and kitchen should be in the south east like that. Imbalance of these creates problems in our lives, mainly related to health and monitory issues,” Acharya Ashutosh added.
Science of Mahavastu:

Since the traditional times, the size of the houses have reduced and also, the lifestyle of the people. We cannot afford to have big houses and decorate them according to the basics of the Vastu Shastra. Our mind reads the symbolic language and records it in the subconscious, which later influences our moods. So it is important keep the ambiance right, with the right things in the home emitting the right energy.
How to become a Mahavastu Acharya?
“We have a two days basic course of Mahavastu. Post this we have a Masters degree (Expert) from Delhi. To become an Acharya, one needs to do more than 100 cases and submit the reports. Only then he can be called as Acharya,”  Acharya Ashutosh said.
Get an opportunity to learn the basics of Mahavastu: 
A basic VastuFoundation Course of on 22 and 23 February at Hotel Sayaji, Indore. There is a success rate of 94-98% in Mahavastu.

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