Everyone loves Indian Doctors except...

Dr. Rakesh Shah 

Who is that? Who does not love, understand and respect Indian doctors? Everyone in USA ( and I am sure it is the same story in UK, Australia, and other countries too) loves Indian doctors.

Immigrant doctors make up almost 25% of US doctors and majority of them are from India.

Harvard found that patients treated by international medical graduates were less likely to die (11.2%) than patients treated by U.S. medical graduates (11.6%) in the 30 days following hospitalization. The difference was statistically significant, and they observed the same patterns when we compared physicians across hospitals or within the same hospital.

Harvard just confirmed ( In Feb 2017)  what we all Indian doctors have been experiencing here for decades - the love and respect of our patients. Non-Indian patients prefer Indian doctors and Indian patients also prefer Indian doctors (there are always exceptions). In a recent paper published in The BMJ, they found that when Medicare patients were admitted to U.S. hospitals with general medical conditions, their probability of dying within 30 days of admission was 5% lower if they were treated by international medical graduates than if they were treated by U.S. medical graduates. 

We all have had patients who would stay home and suffer for a day but would not come to ER or clinic because they knew that Dr. Shah  or Dr. Patel or Dr. Parikh or Dr. Iyer or... any one of "those Indian doctors"  will be working next day and they did not want to see anyone else other than “that Indian doctor”

This is not to brag about me or any doctor of Indian origin practicing in the USA, this is to highlight the quality of Indian doctors’ education and compassion for patients.

We all are here to make money, no one is going to work for free - but there is something beyond money in Indian doctors that attracts those patients towards them - may it be our knowledge, our training, our heart, our compassion... or something else.

Now, the question is - then why my colleagues, having the same or even better knowledge and skills than me, who practice in India get different treatment from Indian patients? 

Why Do Indian patients not understand the value of their own homegrown geniuses respected worldwide? We all had similar training and similar IQs. 

Then, why so much difference in the attitude of the patients towards doctors. What is the difference? Why do same Indian doctors get so much respect in USA (and other countries) and they are not getting that in their own motherland?

And this new trend was not there when I was in India a couple of decades ago. This seems a recent phenomenon.  Any idea?  

Rakesh Shah, MD, Atlanta, GA

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