They go out of their way to stay connected with their traditions in foreign land

Ashwini Godkhindi and Amit Godkhindi performing Bhoomi Poojan in Auckland NewZealand  

Moving away from your homeland surely does not drag you away from your roots. In which ever part of the world we reside, we cling on to the rituals and traditions followed by our older generation and make sure our next generation gets a glimpse of it.

Settled in Auckland, New Zealand for more than a decade now, this little family of four, Ashwini and Amit Godkhindi, Aman and Arya, still live the traditional Indian way in the foreign land, following every possible tradition and celebrating every festival with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

The family recently purchased a plot in Aukland New Zealand and will start the construction of their house only after performing a bhoomi pujan, as per Indian traditions, which is not a common phenomenon there.

“We moved to New Zealand soon after Amit and I got married. Leaving our motherland and settling in a country with a totally different cultural background was a little difficult initially, but later were absorbed in the country’s daily life,”  Ashwini said.

“We roped in a Panditji who is also a Pandit at the Sai Baba temple here. He is a Marathi Brahmin and also belongs to Nasik. He conducted the Pooja. We have an Indian grocery store nearby, in which we get all the materials required to conduct the ritual, so things are easy here,” she added.

Both her children are born and are growing up in Aukland. “My daughter Arya and son Aman both are born here, but Amit and me, both make it a point to keep them connected with our roots,” the couple said

Speaking on the reaction of the locals she said, “We had to first seek permission to get our land blessed. They liked the idea and organized for the land to get cleaned and marked so we could easily get to know our unit. It was a wonderful experience. We had invited our local friends who were Indians and a few relatives,” she added.

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