Nearly 2.5 lakh children examined in Dastak Abhiyan

NC Correspondent 
Bhopali: A Dastak Abhiyan has been launched from December 18 to January 27, 2018 to identify malnourished children in state. As many as two lakh 46 thousand 741 children have been examined during the campaign so far. Joint teams of Public Health and family Welfare and Women and Child Development is moving from door-to-door to identify malnourished children and arranging their free treatment at block or district level hospitals. Vitamin-A dose has been administered to two lakh six thousand 205 children.

The Dastak Abhiyan teams have identified 992 acutely malnourished children, 286 children with acute malnutrition and serious ailments, 720 with anaemia,187 with pneumonia, 342 with dehydration, 2672 with other ailments and 422 with inherent diseases.

Dastak Abhiyan aims at identifying malnourished, acutely malnourished, anaemic children and children with other diseases and getting them treated free-of-cost at any nearby hospital. The Dastak teams are making people from far-flung areas about child health so that children’s development is free of diseases and there is a decline in child death rate. Several times people from far-flung areas are not able to treat their children and resort to exorcism (jhad-phookh) which may make the situation worse.

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