Lft Col Dr. Bansal among top 100 world record holders

If I have the belief that I can do it,

I shall purely acquire the capacity to

Do it even if I may not have it in the beginning”. -  Mahatma Gandhi.

 Following this belief, this army personal has not only served the nation, but has surely added a feather to the country’s hat by maintaining high records in other fields as well.  While, the Indian Army fights terrorists in Kashmir, Lt. Col (Dr) Hemendra Bansal lives his passion and have won medals not only in gunning down the enemies, but also in living their passion.

After securing a place in the India Book of Records and Limca Book of World Records, Lft. Col (Dr) Bansal is among the top 100 record holders to be felicitated in the country capital on November 12, 2017 by chief Editors of Record Books of six different countries.

A warrior, who gunned down many terrorists in his military operations, has also set records in Micro writing by fitting in 5240 letters on a half groundnut piece, 2 lakh 20 thousand letters on a post card, 1000 letters on a single grain of rice, 12,530 letters on a one rupee stamp and maps of seven countries of the Indian Sub continent on a single sesame seed. What makes his task more interesting is, the Lieutenant accomplishes these with his naked eyes.

 He is the owner of Limca Book of World Record twice for miniscule writing and has been conferred with many national and international awards.

The Beginning:   
“It all started in my school days. The gulf war had badly shaken me and therefore decided to send a message of peace,” Lft. Col (Dr.) Bansal said.

 “My teachers in school used to complain of my minute writings and I used to enjoy writing small. I started generating my interest in micro writing and I then knew of the channel through which I can spread my message is this. I then began writing ‘love and peace’ and my journey in this field commenced,” he adds


To complete his paints, he uses hair from his face or eyelashes of his wife or a leg of a dead housefly. “We need very sharp edges to write this small. Therefore I use eyelashes or dead mosquitoes leg to write this small. This is very tiring and surely takes a toll on my health. However, my passion never lets me stop,”  he adds.

He claims that each letter in text is the size of a red blood cell (RBC) or a small bacterium. He “I often work relentlessly through the nights under heavy lights when there is minimal disruption and under complete silence. I even enter into a meditative state in which my heartbeat is slowed, that allows me to reduce hand tremors. In order to avoid damaging the pieces I have to hold my breath and only work between heartbeats and actually have one-and-a-half seconds to move which would otherwise dislodge my steady hand. At the same time I have to be careful not to inhale my own work. Even the reverberations caused by the outside traffic affects my work,” he explains.

“We need a lot of light to do minuscule writing. “I work relentlessly throughout the night under heavy light when there is minimal disruption and under complete silence. I even enter into a meditative state to get the concentration. In order that my writings are  not spoiled, I have to hold my breath which slows my heartbeat. I also have to be careful that my work is not inhaled by my so the toughest task is hold my breath,”  he said.


Guinness Book of World Records (Yet to be confirmed)
Limca Book of World Records (2)
Awarded Meerat Ratna
Bhawana Kala Kendra (National Award)
Natraj Award of Uttar Pradesh
Maharaja Agrasen Award

Achieving the Impossible:
·         Maximum English characters (2,20,000) on one sized standard post card
·         Maximum English characters (12,540) on one side of a standard sized one rupee stamp
·         Maximum English Characters (5240) seed of a groundnut
·         Map of Indian Subcontinent on a Sesame seed.

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  1. I feel proud on achievement of Lef.col.dr.bansal,because I have met with him after make a news story on him.he is such a great person too.i salute him.

  2. Lt.Col.is a wonderful person.I appreciate his hard work and passion which has led him achieve Impossible.Loads of applauses

  3. Congratulations to Lt Col Bansal.I am in witness to his remarkable journey since his graduation days while teaching him botany.Wish him all the best in life.