We are all ambassadors!

Dr. Rakesh Shah 
When an innocent child, who is a patient, comes to you running telling that "I love my doctor", gives you a big hug and when her parents want to take her picture with you so that they can share it with their family and friends (We both gave each other the permission to take and share the pic. In fact,this pic was taken in my phone by mom) - I thought it was one of my biggest " Ambassador" moments, out of many.

Being " Indian American" ( US Citizen Born in India), when I come in contact with anyone who is "American American" ( US Citizen born in USA) or Non-Indian American ( US citizen born in country other than India) I always keep one thing in mind. 

For that person, I am INDIA. My words, my body language, my personal hygiene, my dress code, my mannerism, depth of my conversation, my ability to relate and connect at soul level, my compassion, my knowledge, my intelligence, my caring - everything represents INDIA to that person. (I do make it a point to tell them that I was born in India)
I can tell one thing that, most of the NRIs (Non Resident Indians) have done pretty good job in doing so (there are always exceptions). Being "Indian" is a matter of pride here in USA. Everyone respects (once again, there are exceptions to every statement) "Indians" here- for - who we are, what we do and how we do things.

No country is perfect, and it's not different for USA either. USA has its own faults and problems to deal with. So, life is not picture perfect here either, but it's kind of close to it.
Being NRI/US Citizen, when I come in contact with anyone who is born in India and lives in India, I am an United States Ambassador for them. How I treat them - without showing off, how I paint the picture of USA for them with my action and not just words will carry the image of USA in their mind for years to come. I may not be the only person they come across who is an US Citizen or NRI, but I do take it seriously, to be a true ambassador of USA for them, when they are with me.

And for my fellow "Indian Americans - NRIs" - every chance I get, I talk about how lucky we are to be born in one of the most spiritually based countries, i.e. INDIA living in the best country in the world i.e. USA. We get best of both the worlds, in this life itself. We all consider that to be a biggest blessing in our lives.

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