Of space and perspective in painting

NC Correspondent 
Throwing light on the different perspectives of space in painting, acclaimed painter and artist Akhilesh and noted poet and thinker Dr. Udayan Vajpeyi, toured the literature lovers of Bhopal through various aspects of space and how it plays an important role in paintings, at a discussion ‘Space in Painting’ held by Club Literati on Wednesday. The event took place at Swami Vivekanand Library in New Market.
The evening commenced with author Vinita Dhondiyal Bhatnagar welcoming the guests, which was followed by an hour long discussion by the two maestros on this issue.
Speaking on the linear perspective of space in paintings, Dr. Vajpeyi said, “Space gets locked in a painting. While the west followed a linear perspective of art, in India, we had miniature painting.”  He spoke on the movement of mind – which is termed as thought. He also stated that an artiste who fails to provoke a thought through his/her paintings should leave painting.
Akhilesh, however, threw light on how people these days just act of studying a painting and does not actually study one. “Studying a painting is an experience. A miniature painting tries to capture time in it. It is an experience of watching everything together in a frame.”
The evening also witnessed the discussion on relationship and gestures of colours. An issue of values in art was also raised during the discussion. The evening concluded with a question answer session with the audience.  

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