Grammy award winner Pt. Bhatt irked over Anil Kapoor's ad.

Anil Kapoor posing in an ad holding Cello instrument wrongly published in a national daily newspaper  

Prachi Chouksey.
Music is worship for an artiste and for many, playing instruments is a source of their reverence. Artistes devote their lives in learning the art of practicing their respective genre of instruments that they awe. But, it is surely annoying for any artiste who observes that an instrument has been manhandled or wrongly played or posed by any person just for fun or any other vested benefits.

Lately, actor Anil Kapoor’s advertisement that circulated in the print media, that portrayed him wrongly posing with a ‘cello’ has created quite a stir among the fraternity of artistes.
Raising such issue, acclaimed artiste and Grammy award winner Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt has strongly condemned this act on social media highlighting that any person who is even posing with an instrument should hold it correctly. Else this is a disrespect of that instrument.

Instrument played:  Mohan Veena

“Gone are the days when actors like Dilip Kumarji, first learnt Sitar for a few months and then shot for a scene in which he had to play the instrument, just to get the hand placement visually correct. We worship our instruments during the festival of Dusherra. I have seen people just throwing away the instruments after a scene being shot. At times when they don’t have a proper place to keep one, they keep instruments with their shoes. The situation is highly regressive.”
“In some auditoriums where the stage is lower than the audience, people bluntly wear shoes and step on it while the programme is on. A few artistes who are very strict about following rules do not even allow wearing shoes on the stage.” 

Eminent artist say on the issue  

Smita Nagdev
"I personally opine that if an instrument is wrongly held by mistake then it can be forgiven. But, if deliberately done, this is not accepted. Even as we begin to learn an instrument there are times when we hold it wrong, but that is done unintentionally, so it can be tolerated, But if a celebrity is knowingly not holding it correctly, then this is an issue that needs to be given attention." 
Pakhavaj maestro

“It is indeed an insult to an instrument if not treated properly. We worship our instruments and they are a form of deity to us. I personally believe that the actors, or may it be anyone, should first learn how to hold a particular instrument and then pose with it.”

Santoor player 

“Over the time, people have forgotten our  basics. Celebrities have a greater influence on people since they are more inspired by watching films. Care should surely be taken to at least get a demonstration as to how to correctly hold the instrument you have to pose with or play during a shoot. For celebrities, it is just a post, but for artiste an instrument is his/her life.”  

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