Sachida Nagdev's masterpieces on display after 63 years for the first time

Smita Nagdev posing in front of her portrait made by her father Late Sachida Nagdev 

Prachi Chouksey

His paintings surely created a buzz not only among the art lovers of India but also abroad. One of the few artistes to experiment with Indian miniature painting style and modern style late Indian painter Sachida Nagdev, created a cliché with his work in the field of abstract painting.

Marking his 78th Birth anniversary, the art lovers of Bhopal will witness his 63 year old paintings which will be put on display only for three days at Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahala (IGRMS) as a tribute to the late artiste.

Painting by Sachida Nagdev made in 1954 

Painting by Sahchida Nagdev made in 1956

“These paintings are very special to us, since it is the first time that they will be displayed since they have been prepared. One of the paintings were made in 1954, 1956 and are more than 63 years old. He was just in his teens when he painted them,” Smita Nagdev, daughter of Sachida Nagdev and acclaimed international Sitar player said. “These paintings will be displayed only for three days,” she added.
Kumar Sambhavam by Sachida Nagdev to be displayed after several years  

The paintings will be exhibited under the 15 day exhibition at IGRMS ‘Retrospective’ which will showcase the masterpieces and photographs clicked by late Sachida Nagdev. “There will be 78 of his paintings at the exhibition marking his 78th birthday,” Smita said.
“We have organized a three day festival Sachida Nagdev Rang Smriti as a tribute to my father. the festival will begin on October 25, 2017 and continue till October 27, 2017 at IGRMS. The event will commence with the inauguration of Retrospective, and followed by a short film screening on my father’s life. The exhibition will be inaugurated by Adwaita Gadnayak, Director General National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi,” Smita added.

The evening will mark a musical delight Swar-Maitry- a fusion by Smita Nagdev on Sitar,  Florian on flute, Cyrille on Double bass and Ramendra Singh Solanki on Tabla. The second day of the event will see a Kala Varta  and Kabir Gaayan by Padmashree Prahlad Tipaniya.

The event will conclude with a demonstration of Sculpture by Pramod Kamble.

Together we make a family:
His family has joined hands together from different parts of the country to pay tribute to their father marking his 78th birth anniversary.

Sachida Nagdev was not only a painter, but also a loving father and a supportive husband. Speaking of his art and his role in their lives, his wife Vanmala Sachida Nagdev and his sons Mrinal Nagdev, Alok Nagdev and Kshitij Nagdev talk about his passion for this art form in a candid conversation with

Vanmala Sachida Nagdev: 
Before my wedding to him, I never knew what painting is and how it is made. It was only after he came into my life I understood the beauty of art. It is surely difficult to be a wife of an artiste. I used to get canvases for him from Nagpur and they all used to prepare frames out of it at the backyard of our house.

Mrinal Nagdev:  (Interior Designer, Mumbai)
He gave us a perspective towards looking at art in a different manner. He never taught us how to paint, we entered the world of colours by watching and observing him paint.

Alok Nagdev:  (Software Engineer, Bangalore)
He gave us the first brush to let us make our first stroke. He gave us freedom to use our imagination and after we completed an art work he corrected us on where we went wrong. This was his technique to make is learn.

Kshitij Nagdev: ( Pharma business Junagad)
He gave us an approach on how to perceive art. I think this was one of the most positive sides of him as a teacher that he never restricted us. He made us understand colours by letting us enjoy them first and then understand the technicalities of it.

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