Village of 250 will not to face water shortage

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Bhopal.Village Kekadia of Phanda block, near state capital and district Bhopal will not face any shortage of potable water owing to the completion of tap water scheme. Two hundred fifty residents of the village belonging to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe community got rid of the grave shortage of potable water occurs during the summer season with their labour and with the cooperation of Public Health Engineering department. The tap water scheme was sanctioned during the ‘Jal-Choupal’ held at the village on the basis of villagers’ contribution. All the works of the scheme were carried out within a period of one year and later on the scheme was transferred to the committee formed by the SC and ST families.

The villagers have yielded the result of their labour in the form of the scheme. Now every family dwelling in the village is receiving pure and clean potable water through tap at their houses. A 5000 litre water capacity tank has been installed at fabricated stand. The tap water scheme has 37 connections through which water is being provided to 250 persons per day. A potable water sub committee has been formed in the village which is implementing the scheme. An amount of Rs. 100 is being received per month as water tax from the villagers.

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