On US Embassy’s request Indian Air Force rescues woman in critical condition

New Delhi:  The US Embassy on Tuesday requested the Indian Air Force (IAF) through the Ministry of Defence, to help in locating and rescue of a US citizen Margaret Allen Stone from Leh.
IAF responded to the situation with requisite alacrity. Exact location of Ms Stone was ascertained with the help of civil administration and by evening two IAF helicopters were able to locate Ms Stone in the valley. Ms Stone was brought to the safety of Leh hospital for medical care by sunset on September 26, 2017. 
Stone had set out for trekking in the Ladakh region region and had been help up in the Zhingchan area at a distance of approximately 75 kms from Leh since September 06, 2017. However, her condition started deteriorating during this prolonged period of lack of care. She was in a critical condition. The US government informed IAF of the situation and Stone was rescued post the intimation.

IAF becomes life saviour for European trekkers in 2015: 
On August 08, 2015, the IAF rescued 22 European mountaineers and one Israili trekker from Leh. The trekkers were stuck in an adverse weather condition, but were rescued on time.

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