Miffed over Red Cross management senior doctor resigns


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Bhopal:  During the time when people are already being critical about the medical services in Central India, a senior doctor from Red Cross Society hospital, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, put his papers on Monday, after being dissatisfied with the behavior of the hospital management.
Dr. Yogesh Baluapuri 
“Along with me almost 15-20 senior doctors have been asked to put in their papers from Red Cross. When Red Cross was established, its sole motive was public service. It provided services with Rs. 20 for Xray. However, now, the hospital management is moving towards privatization. It has already begun to outsource its services. It has outsources its pathological services and X-ray services,” Dr. Yogesh Baluapuri alleged.
“I have been serving Red cross for more than 9 years. One day, I got a call from the Governor house informing me that they do not need my services anymore. This was told to me without any prior notice or intimation. When I questioned them, my OPD timings were changed. I cound not continue degrading myself so I chose to resign,” he added.
Dr. Yogesh Baluapuri is retired from the designation of Senior Orthopaedic Consultant, Government of Madhya Pradesh and then started his services at Red Cross Bhopal.
Interestingly, sources close to the Red Cross Hospital said that the doctors from the private hospitals are being approached to practise here, so the lot has been asked to move.
Despite several attempts through call over his cell phone, Secretary Red Cross Dr. Rajeev Tiwari could not be reached for comments on this issue.

Dr. Yogesh expresses concern over social media:
Expressing his rage on social media platform facebook, he writes in his post

'All the time with few exceptions public and Media is critical of drs apathy towards patients I was giving my services to redcross hospital since last 9 yrs I don't remember their was any complaint from patients for this I was paid 9000 RS per month out of which I was paying to driver plus using my car hence I was not getting any profit except the self satisfaction of service to humanity as hospital used to charge RS 50 per patient for 7 days.

Resignation by Dr. Baluapuri

All of a sudden I got a call from Mr. Sharma from Raj bhawan that my services are not required For that I felt quite insulted as I had no prior notice I met the chairman of redcross he told me you give more time and fixed my time from 2pm to 6 pm as their is no patients in afternoon I was simply siting without any patients as this  OPD time is not convenient to patients . Any way I was trying to accommodate with timings . But again a call came from supriendent of hospital as you. act as replacement of some Dr as he is on leave till his leave .
In this way I was not able to give exact time to my poor patients hence I decided to leave the hospital I am still ready to serve my patients at my residence.'

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