London wakes to terror on Friday morning with metro blast

NC Network
London: Britain capital London was engulfed in panic after a homemade bomb on a packed commuter train exploded the commuter-packed carriage of the metro train on Friday morning at the Parsons Green Metro Station. The blast injured nearly 29 people sources confirmed.
The bomb failed to complete explode, which reduced the intensity of the explosion. This is a fifth major terror attack in London this year.
The bomb exploded in a white container, in the last compartment of the tube as the train was about to depart Parsons Green Station in West London at 08.20 am London time. Passengers were heading in the state of panic after the attack leading to a stampede like situation in the area. The police sealed the metro station post the blast and train services on this route were suspended.
Some suffered burns and faces of a few were deformed due to the blast, while a few were hurt in a stampede while escaping the station. However, no serious casualties were observed, the health department officials said.

Hundreds of detectives and intelligence officials were involved in the manhunt, police officials said. 

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