Choosing law over NSD, lawyer earns triumphs in his passion for theatre

                                                                                                                                  Prachi Chouksey 

Anurag Shrivastava, a successful lawyer by profession, has an equal passion for theatre. Having done numerous plays and being associated with one of the oldest theatre groups in Bhopal, the cultural capital of India, he talks about the changing trends in the theatre and also throws light on the pros and cons of experimental theatre, in an informal conversation with 

Parents wanted a secured future for me...
"Since childhood, theatre has been my passion.  When I told my parents about this, they said, you need to choose a profession which would give you a proper living. So despite being chosen for National School of Drama (NSD), I chose law. My parents wanted me to have a secured future and back then, the field of acting was not  considered to make one's future secured. However, my zeal to continue with theatre, made me handle two careers flawlessly,” Shrivastava said.
When asked about his journey he elaborates, “Prayog, an experimental theatre group, came to Bhopal in 1974. It was established in Indore in 1960’s and after successfully running theatre there, the group moved to Bhopal. I joined Prayog in 1985 and am still associated with the same group. Here, i was mentored by Prof. Satish Mehta, who is also a founder of this group and is one of the finest theatre personal I have come across so far. Though, I have done television and also acted in a few films, only theatre suffices my ego as an actor."

Playing the role of a police official in Prakash Jha's production 
Technology has set new bars in theatre...
Technology has advanced and so it has made theatre more tech-savvy. However speaking of two tier cities like Bhopal, they need to work harder to update and upgrade with the advancing technology. Opining on this he speaks, “Yes, technology plays an important role in adding to the visual and audio effects of any play. It connects the audience better. So far as Bhopal is concerned, though the auditoriums here still function in the traditional manner, no technically sound auditorium can replace the charm and respect an artiste has for Bharat Bhavan. Every artiste has a dream of performing here.”

Stick to the base...
Speaking on the pros and cons of theatre he added, “Experiments need to be done, but without fidgeting with the basics of any form of theatre. New theatre groups are flourishing and each one is trying to be unique by doing some experiments or the other. The biggest disadvantage of the artistes from the younger generation is that, after spending a year in a repertory, they think they have become masters in this field and set up their own groups. They do not think that this is making them loose on the quality of theatre as well as an actor.” 

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