Bhopal's first heart made by human chain on World Heart Day

NC Correspondent 
Celebrating World Heart Day, in Bhopal- the capital of Madhya Pradesh, a heart was formed by a human chain of 800 people at LN Medical college on Friday. The event was organized by Dr. Subroto Mandal and his team, who claimed that it is for the first time that a heart has been formed in Bhopal, by a human chain. 
During the occasion, Dr. Mandal enlightened the participants on simple ways to prevent diseases related to heart. “Heart is a vital organ of a human body and it is very easy and important to keep our heart healthy,” he said.
Do’s to keep your heart healthy: 

  •        Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes each day
  •         Love your heart
  •          Any type of physical exercise including sports or dance is mandatory
  •        Regularly keep a check on the sugar level in your blood and also keep a track on the blood pressure.
  •          Try and eat maximum homemade food
  •      Eat fresh fruits daily
Don’ts to keep your heart healthy: 

  •         Avoid having excessive sugar
  •         Avoid smoking and try to stay away from alcohol

About World Heart Day: 

World Heart Day is celebrated from the year 2000 and the celebraton was commenced by World Heat Foundation. The basic motive of celebrating this day is creating awareness aamong people to keep your heart healthy. 

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