PM Modi appreciates Bharat Parikrama Padyatra covering 9000 villages.

New Delhi.

The Prime Minister appreciated  Sitarama Kedilaya’s effort of completing five year long Bharat Parikrama Yatra covering more then nine thousand villages. PM Modi also wished him well for his future endeavour. 

Sitaram Kedilaya called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the successful completion of Bharat Parikrama Padyatra undertaken by him. According to Kedilaya, he had embarked on the Bharat Parikrama Yatra on 9th August 2012 from Kanyakumari and completed the journey at Kanyakumari on 9th July this year.

In the course of the Yatra, Kedilaya said that he had reached out directly to 9000 villages. He also says that the message of the Yatra indirectly touched an additional 20,000 villages. He interacted with lakhs of farmers and rural youth in course of the Yatra. 


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