Human Error leads to UP train accident, 3 suspended, 3 sent on leave

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Muzaffarnagar:  Citing the nature of the fatal Kalinga Utkal train mishap on Saturday, that left nearly 23 dead and more than 50 injured, three top rail officials on Sunday were ordered to go on forced leave, while three others were suspended. This action was taken after an initial probe report was submitted on the Kalinga Utkal Express derailment. The report stated that the train derailed due to the staff negligence.
The accident left more than 20 dead and nearly 90 injured, officials confirmed. Fourteen coaches of the Utkal express went off the tracks on Saturday evening, close to Muzaffarnagar. The intensity of this was so high that the carriages slammed one another and crashed into a college building and a house near the tracks.
The reports state the derailment happened as the tracks on the right side had been cut by a hexa blade which the permanent way inspectors were using while carrying out the maintenance work.
Sources close to the railways also alleged that the staff carried out an unscheduled repair work on the tracks. Some fish plates, nuts/bolts at the track joints were not fixed and the gap between the tracks widened after five coached of the train passed through it with a speed more than 1000 km/hour.
However, the station master of Khatauli station aid that no permission was granted to conduct repair work on Saturday. The action against officials came within hours the report was submitted.
The officers sent on leave included Railway board member (engineering), Aditya Mittal, Northern Railways General Manager RK Kulshreshtha and Delhi divisional manager RN Singh. 

The railway board should empower station masters to order repairs to save time as permissions take too long to come, a ministry official said. “The railways minister has delegated financial powers but he also needs to delegate administrative responsibility,” the official said.
A video, widely shared on social media, of a conversation purportedly between two employees also pointed to negligence.
One of the men, apparently posted near the accident site, talks about “poor patrolling”. “The key men and employees deployed for patrolling were just lazing around. The flag-men were not posted at a distance of 1.2km from the maintenance site to alert the driver,” the employee, purportedly posted at Khatauli, close to the accident site, can be heard saying.
An official said the ministry was verifying the authenticity of the clip.

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