415 combat teams to fight contagious diseases in MP

Prevention and treatment of water-borne diseases including diarrhea, gastroenteritis, cholera etc. in the  MP will be  done by combat teams. At about 415 combat teams have been constituted at district and development block level for this . 
   Health Department of the state is keeping strict vigilance on marked problem-oriented villages and towns. 

Public Health and Family Welfare Minister  Rustum Singh told that the possibility of spread of water-borne diseases increases every year first due to shortage of water at the end of summer season and beginning of rainy season and then due to polluted water following rains. Sufficient quantity of bleaching powder, ORS, chlorine, chloroquine, paracetamol, metrodinazole etc., has been made available at the Arogya Kendra and Depot Holder in every village in the state. Efforts are being made to control spread of contagious diseases through sectors in charge, multi-purpose workers and ASHA. ASHA informs concerned development block medical officer promptly about occurrence of any case of disease in the village so that immediate steps can be taken to control it.Minister Singh has also appealed to take  precautionary steps to save people from water-borne diseases. 

-Always use clean and clear water for consumption.
- Wash hands thoroughly with soap and clean water after using the toilet. 
-Consume freshly cooked food and edible items. 
-Always keep food and edible items covered so that it does not get contaminated with flies, dust etc.
- If water seems polluted, it should be boiled and filtered with a clean cloth.
- Put chlorine tablets in water and use it after one hour.

Inform immediately about the spread of any water-borne diseases near your area on call centre number 8989988712.

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